Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Jam Jar Jet

Hello, this is my first video on the blog! It is a video on how to make a pulse jet engine from a jam jar. It looks extremely easy and can more or less be made with house hold materials. I watched other similar videos on YouTube and they don’t seem to use that copper piece of piping. I will probably try this soon and hopefully post some pictures or a video.

The problem with the jars used in this project is that they tend to crack ether immediately or after a few uses. It would probably be interesting to make a stronger version out of metal. I guess the next step from there is to interest some sort of fuel and air injectors to make it run continually. And there you have it a small pulse jet engine.

This video was inspired by the article written by William Gurstelle in MAKE magazine vol.5 on page 102. There really are some incredible projects in the magazine let alone the great videos released online.

As a word of caution though, this project is very dangerous and must not be attempted by children with out parent supervision. Also, if you try it, try it outdoors, wear safety goggles and expect the jar to eventually explode. Have fun stay safe.


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