Sunday, 12 August 2007

Hello World!

Hello and welcome to Easy Subjugation. This website is dedicated to interesting media I come across on the internet and my thoughts and opinions about it. I plan to update this site as often as possible bringing new and fresh food for thought.

As a person I am intrigued by many things I find on the net. I am particularly interested in anything to do with Japan, Robotics, Music and Science. I am actually a robotics engineer so hopefully I can upload some interesting stories about that. My love affair with Japan started many years ago when I discovered anime. I have been a collector ever since, and boy, is it piling up! I am a terrible musician (ears bleeding… can’t take pain any longer) but that makes me so much more appreciative of the skill of some people out there.

So, I guess 12 Aug. 07 is the birthday of my website. (Happy birthday Easy Subjugation!) I’m actually having so many ideas about it that I can’t wait to get it going properly. I any case, I really want to bring interesting and exiting media to everyone.

Happy Media Consumption


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