Friday, 5 June 2009

Lost Files: The Vampire Shoot (22/11/2008)

While putting a semblance of order in the chaos that are the files on my PC (pretty much like my room), I came upon this folder in the "New Photos" subfolder, aka, "photos I have not yet edited or posted".

On the day that the Final Fantasy Cosplay Party had taken place, Sarcana had asked around if some people would be interested in playing extras, for a scene shoot that would take place in UNDERWORLD, themed around Vampires. The shoot would take place on Sunday. A couple of others and myself showed up and well, let's just say that many left because the film crew was late around... 3 hours!

Regardless, before the director showed up, the make-up crew came along to transform Sarcana into a Vampiress and Sweet Lady With A Tiger-Tail into her all-too willing victim. Seeing as you can only indulge in so much small-talk (thanks Nicolas - I would have shot myself dead out of boredom!), I decided to take advantage of the dead time to shoot some pictures and post-editing, well, this is the result.

Sarcana and Dominica Chaotica.

Sarcana has the tendency to...

...hang from things or...

...climb onto them, which really
makes for interesting photos.

Experimenting with the little
available light.

Experimenting with Photoshop.
You will notice that certain
pictures have the eyes
painted red - it's because
I thought it fitting or just
wanted to try out an alternative.

Nikolaos, ???, Nerissa and Sarcana. Almost as
if from a Vampire the Masquerade scene.

This is one of my favorites: her
body type and skin, make for an
ideal combination with the
puncture wounds.

This one, as well as the following
two, are also touched up
concerning the blood smear.

All in all, a rather good set. Too bad I could not take some pictures during the scene shoot. To tell the truth, the setting was so disorganized as was (I don't even remember the name of the director but she really had to get her act together, both in directing the whole thing, as well as actually having an original idea) and I did not want to add to the chaos. I had heard a rumor that the movie, of which this segment was shot on that day, was to be taken to the Cannes Festival - never found out about that...

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