Sunday, 24 May 2009

"Bloody Carnival" on Radio

My second detective story, "Bloody Carnival", will air as a radio dramatization on the greek station 902 FM, narrated by Dimitris Poulikakos and directed by Adelle Mermiga, as part of the station's detective story series, "Cops and Robbers".

The show is broadcasted every Monday at 21:00, with a repeat play every Sunday, at the same time. This story will again feature Prometheus Hermeticus, as did the story for the Ecocrimes collection, "Double Substitution Crime" and will be bradcasted this Monday, on the 25th.

Hope you can listen to it and give me your feedback!




Anonymous said...

Omedettou Speedo-kun!!!

Speedgrapher said...

Arigatououou Elli-chan! ^o^