Friday, 28 November 2008

Literary Section X - Prometheus Goes to Print!

By now, I believe you know pretty well that I am always working on some project or another, be it for Ordre de Ciel, journalism, blogging, photography, or whatever. What I hadn't been able to accomplish so far, was to publish a piece of original fiction outside of my blogs(s). Well, that day is finally here. Remember when I had told you there have been some interesting development with Prometheus, a character you have read about here? Well, a detective story featuring him has gone print and is now finally published. Mind you, it takes place some 30 years after the stuff you have read here and no mention is made of his Wyrd nature. But rest assured, it is him alright!

Around Winter, I was asked to write a detective story that would somehow integrate an ecological theme into it. I thought it over, turned it around in my head and at first, I came up with just two simple elements that just HAD to be part of the story: a character that had been growing inside my head for the past 8 years, Prometheus, as well as something to do with radioactive waste. It was not much but it was a start (even more so because Prometheus has an extensive "biography" I could draw upon).

By April, I had my final text and I delivered it: my "Double Substitution Crime". After a number of back-and-forths between me and the corrections editor, it finally left my hands in late June. Ever since that day, I have lived with the silent anxiety of seeing my story published in this collection by Kedros Editions, "Ecocrimes". Until yesterday, besides the people in the editions proper, only my family and two other souls knew about this project, sworn to secrecy. Now that, as of today, it is out there for the world to see, I will live with the silent anxiety that people like it. There are a number of heavy literary names in this collection and being the junior of the bunch, I must try and live up to the standards they have set.

Well, that's that then. I feel exceptionally happy and I just wanted to share it with you. Should any of you like, there will be a presentation and reading from the stories of the book on the 3rd of December (12:30), at Ianos Bookstore, in Athens, 24, Stadiou St.




Anonymous said...

SO happy for you (I wish i could come but...sniffu sniffu :(:(:( )


Speedgrapher said...

Arigatououou, Elli-chama! Do not worry girl, I know you are drowning in work. Thanks all the same, Kisses!

Skauld Skauksson said...

Hjarhjarhjarhjarhjar!!! OEL!!! SKOELD!!! Bravo re man! :) Ante kai full noubela to epomeno!!! :)

Speedgrapher said...

One can always hope: keep your fingers crossed - all 20 of them!