Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Rock Away on Empty Air

OK people, I know we have been a bit slow on upping the ante, but big things wait ahead for our dedicated readers. First, from here on there will be scheduled updates every Monday and Friday, so you can check us up regularly. Aside from that, there will be special treats on odd days, if we conclude it is worth jumping ahead of schedule. Our first new feature will be the literary section, which will include book reviews, original fiction and other goodies (starting this Friday). Well, aside from all that sweetness, take a look at this guy here who has turned his hobby into an honest-to-God art, creating music through… tied balloons! I was flabbergasted at how can anyone create such a thing in such a small amount of time and for it to actually work. True, elastic membrane acoustics are not the cutting edge these days, but the essential role played by each component, as well as the research put into reaching the desired result, show true dedication. Enjoy and be aghast!


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