Sunday, 2 September 2007

Vacum Savant

Kid, aged 12, vacuum cleaners…. WHAT? This has got to be one of the most improbable parings of all times. It would appear this kid is somewhat of a vacuum cleaner aficionado. I wonder if there is a community for it on the internet. Wait! Did you hear that “A member of the vacuum cleaners collectors club”. My curiosity is burning inside me what could possibly be the fascination with vacuums? How do you get into this hobby anyway? Do you one idle summer day while repairing it think that “Yea! These are great I’m going to collect them!” Actually I feel like I am being patronizing; this kid is serious about his hobby and really passionate about it too. That is definitely commendable about him. He does not want toys, video games or whatever infatuates kids these days, all he wants is vacuums. He actually works at the age of 12 to sustain his hobby all out of love for something that frankly most of us associate with chores. If there are any vacuum cleaner collectors reading this please please please drop me an email ( I would love to read about anything you have to say about this hobby.


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